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Executive Workshop by Except, Rotterdam   |   2019 June 24-29                                                               



        Executive Workshop                                APPLY NOW 

        Apply and work with the basic "Symbiosis in Development Principles" (SiD) in real-world cases. Develop concepts and strategies that make businesses, industries, cities, buildings and day-to-day life more efficient, more sustainable, more human.

        Length: 6 days                                           
        Dates: June 24 to 29, 2019
        Fee: CNY 16,800  /  HKD 20,800
        Subject: Sustainability
        Level: Post Graduate Education
        Language: English, with Chinese Translation
        Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands 
        Registration: Before April 30, 2019

        Application & Information
        Phone: HK +852 2979 0028, CN +86 130 4348 2198,  Email: academics@bootes.cc

        Individuals and organizations who are reaching out to communities or companies on issues of sustainability or who are considering developing economic, environmental, or social indicators for a community or company. Also applicable to communities who are developing master plans as a guide to future development.  Individuals and organizations including designers, architects, engineers, urban planners and developers, business strategists and developers, real estates, policy and decision-makers, grassroots activists, agriculture sectors and government officials.

        At the end of the course, participants will be able to

        - have a fundamental understanding of sustainability
        - tackle sustainability challenges on a system-level
        - structure integrated sustainable projects & evaluation
        - apply and work with the basic SiD tools to a case study
        - make action plans for project executions in a team setting

        The participants will receive an official SiD certificate upon completion.

        This course aims to deepen participants’ knowledge and understanding of sustainability. It offers a basic introduction of Symbiosis in Development(SiD) – a framework for developing multi-faceted sustainability innovations, using systems-thinking, network theory, and life cycle understanding. Trainers will demonstrate how to analyze real cases by looking at the entire spectrum of influences. The 6-day course is a mix of presentations, games, personal reflections and group work in an informal environment. Participants learn about system-thinking, the SiD framework and apply it to case studies. SiD has been successfully applied to over 500 projects in contexts as diverse as urban renewal, policy making, design, business strategy, healthcare, and industrial innovation. SiD enables different disciplines to work together and evaluate sustainability spectrum-wide. It uses systems thinking, systems mapping, design-thinking, and complexity thinking in a co-creation process.

        Symbiosis in Development (SiD)

        SiD guides professionals, designers and decision-makers in incorporating problems beyond material and energy use – extending to include social, ecological, economic, and political issues. To achieve sustainability, we must optimise for all these competing areas of concern at the same time – and this is what SiD does.SiD formulates a way to work with complex systems understanding, making it accessible and workable through a systemic approach, method and process. It connects powerful but abstract theoretical knowledge to daily practice, and provides an overarching framework in which other existing frameworks, such as the Circular Economy and Social Justice, become more meaningful and effective.SiD is a tool, but also a means for greater insight. By developing a new language for multi-disciplinary groups to work together on integrated solutions for a sustainable society, it drafts the foundation of a new way of working, learning, researching and intervention.

        About EXCEPT
        EXCEPT is a cooperative of over 30 scientists, designers, and social entrepreneurs that take sustainable development to the next level.  With over 500 projects on 4 continents, ranging from urban development, future proof buildings, agriculture, business strategy, and software, Except has become an international leader in the field of sustainable innovation.EXCEPT develops concepts and strategies that make businesses, industries, cities, buildings, and day-to-day life more efficient, more sustainable, more human.  EXCEPT exists to raise the roof, to be the frontrunner in sustainable innovation, smart business models and to help our partners become future-proof and flourishing.  Together, we bridge gaps between sectors to accelerate the frontier of sustainability and create concepts that are realistic and feasible.

        About Rotterdam
        Rotterdam was once the world’s largest port, where the local economy revolved almost entirely around shipping.  Soon jobs started to decline and the city became poor – having the highest unemployment rate in the country with the biggest population of unskilled immigrant workers, the city had one of the highest crime rates in Europe.  In conjunction, Rotterdam faces a constant threat by rising waters where 90% of the city is below sea level.You may ask, BUT how did this gritty port city turn itself around and become a world leader in Sustainable Urban Design?  Thanks to it being future-obsessed with an abundance of open space, and for having a government willing to support original and sometimes bizarre new solutions (for example, local entrepreneurs are experimenting with mushroom farming, bread recycling, they even try to turn food waste into fake leather).This really is unique about Rotterdam and it is the place to be if you want to learn about SUSTAINABILITY.  Come and surround yourself with sustainable architecture and to experience real-life examples.  By the end, you will also take home a little piece of the Dutch attitude “we don’t talk, we just do”.

        Case Studies
        Participants work on selected case studies, with 4 to 5 sub-questions.  EXCEPT will guide the development of the cases and will prepare the related documentation for the training in coordination with the attendees.

                    Briefing Session                         

                    Date TBA
                    Preparation meeting
                    Hong Kong and/or China (TBA), 16.00 - 20:00
                    - Orientation
                    - Divide participants into groups
                    - Group discussions on case study topics which will be 
                       worked on with trainers in the Netherlands

                    6-Day Programme  
                    Day 1
                    SiD training.  Welcome and introduction to full spectrum analysis
                    EXCEPT Rotterdam office,  10.00 - 18.00 (with 45 minutes lunch break)
                    - Introduction to the SiD theory and the SiD Method, history of SiD
                    - Practice with applying the SiD Method on the object level

                    Day 2
                    Understanding systems from a network perspective
                    EXCEPT Rotterdam office,  10.00 - 18.00 (with 45 minutes lunch break)
                    - Summary and rehearsal of the main element of SiD theory
                     - Practice with applying the SiD Method on the network level 
                    Day 3
                    Site Visits:  Sustainability & Bottom-up initiatives
                    Various locations,  10.00 - 1400 (with 1-hour lunch break)

                    - Crowd-funded footbridge in  Luchtsingel and Schieblock

                    Water square Benthemplein, a square designed for rainwater  retention

                    - Wiheminapier, where the world famous architects such as  Rem Koolhaas, Alvaro Size and Sir Norman Foster have left  their landmark

                    ZOHOneighbourhood, an example of a bottom-up organized     neighborhood

                    Kop van Zuid neighborhood (via tram ride), includes     Renzo Piano Tower, Oma's DeRotterdam,  Floating pavilion, etc

                    Fenix Food Factory for lunch (13.00 - 14.00), a small-scale     food hub located in a former warehouse, at the Katendrecht     peninsula  

                    - Individual visits,  14.00 onwards Participants will be accompanied to Museum Park, where they can  choose to see Boijmans museum, NAI center, Kunsthal and other  significant examples of architecture.  The day ends in the attractive White de Wit street

                    Day 4
                    Site Visits:  Circularity
                    Various locations,  10.00 – 14.00 (with 1-hour lunch break)
                    BlueCity, to learn about its background, sustainable objectives 
                       and to see how the SiD theory was put into practice
                    - Aloha Bar for lunch (13.00 - 14.00)Individual visits,  14.00 onwards

                    Participants will be accompanied to Blaak, where they can explore 
                    Rotterdam centrum and visit some of Rotterdam's most iconic buildings 
                    such as Markthal, Rotterdam cathedral, Kubic houses, Timmerhuis, etc

                    Day 5
                    Understanding System Dynamics
                    EXCEPT Rotterdam office,  10.00-18.00 (with 45 minutes lunch break)

                    - Introduction to system dynamics
                    - Practice with applying the SiD Method on the system level
                    - How to apply SiD to your own project 
                    Day 6
                    Site Visits:  Dutch innovation
                    Various locations,  10.00 - 14.00 (with 1-hour lunch break)
                    - Rotterdamsche Droogdok Maatschappij (RDM), where the 
                        manufacturing industry of the future is taking shape
                    - Uit Je Eigen Stad for lunch 

                    The day ends with the handover of the course certificates  


                    Tom Bosschart
                    (Founder and Director of EXCEPT)

                    Tom’s vision was to find systemic solutions for our societal challenges by combining science, business, design and communication.  In the past, Tom has developed over 500 projects pioneering projects for cities, buildings, business, policy, and industry.
                    Areas of expertise: Integrated Sustainable Development & Project Management / Systems Analysis & Strategy / Architecture / Urban Design, City & Community Planning

                    Antonia Sore
                    (Architect, Project Coordinator and Research at EXCEPT)

                    Antonia initially joined EXCEPT as an intern during her 2nd level Post-Graduate Course “Sustainable Design of the built environment” and was part of the 1st Except Academy.  She continues to support the academy team, eager to further strengthen her skills and help others do the same.
                    Some of Antonia’s projects:   Schiphol Office Innovation, May 12, 2017;  The Self-driving City, April 12, 2017; Zevenkamp through our eyes, Feb 27, 2018

                    Ariane Nooteboom
                    (Owner and Professional Guide at insiderotterdam.com)

                    Ariane is a Rotterdam born lady with a great love for her city.  The idea of “Insider Rotterdam” came about when Ariane was traveling in Southeast Asia.  She was deeply touched by the warm welcome she received and the local tours she joined made her experience the real Asia (being shown around by a local – going to special places and hearing insider stories). After the trip she realised that a raw urban city such as Rotterdam was in desperate need of similar small-scale insider tours diving into the city life and providing a warm informative and pleasurable welcome to those who would like to learn about her city.